Emanuel Rose

Emanuel Rose was born and raised on the West Coast of the United States. He has spent over thirty years earning a reputation in cutting-edge marketing. As an author and expert, Emanuel leverages ai for direct-response advertising and content marketing at his digital agency, Strategic eMarketing. His passion lies in helping companies achieve business success with authentic storytelling. Emanuel’s unique approach to marketing strategies has resulted in countless clients reaching their goals.


As the Founder and CEO of Strategic eMarketing, a digital marketing agency in Reno, NV, he serves clients nationwide. Emanuel manages prospecting, sales, client service, and a team of 10 creatives and support staff. He is also responsible for developing strategies and tracking the progress of marketing campaigns. With over 14 years of experience in the agency, he has established himself as a reputable expert in lead generation, branding, advertising, and digital agency operations.


Before launching Strategic eMarketing, Emanuel was a Sales and Marketing Manager for a consumer electronics company. He generated sales with Fortune 1000 companies and oversaw the successful release of the LED lighting and Wi-Fi radio lines.


From these successes, Emanuel has distinguished himself from his peers through his end-result thinking, ability to anticipate trends, and concise communication skills. Emanuel is a connector and a strategist with a visionary perspective on marketing trends. With his strategic thinking and ability to leverage simple tactics to achieve extraordinary gains, Emanuel is poised to continue impacting the digital marketing industry.


Emanuel was born and raised in Modesto, CA, and studied Psychology at Humboldt State University. He produced a documentary called “The Treasure is Steelhead” about fly fishing, which was recognized with the Judge's Choice award at the Humboldt State Film Festival.


Emanuel Rose is an accomplished author and marketing expert. He is the author of several books including the Authenticity series which include:


In "Authenticity-Marketing to Generation Z", Emanuel dives into the demographics of Generation Z and explores successful marketing campaigns that hit the bullseye with this generation. He guides readers through the process of developing a fully-fledged marketing plan and web presence that will make them a pro at reaching both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) campaigns. With his extensive experience in marketing, Emanuel offers practical insights and actionable strategies for businesses to achieve marketing success in the digital age.


"The Social Media Edge" is a guide for executives to leverage the social CEO, employee advocacy and social media to boost their brand image. The book covers topics such as understanding the role of employee advocacy, the social CEO phenomenon, building a social media advocacy program for employees, creating content, best practices, measuring success, and success stories. It also provides insights on developing effective content strategies, using paid social ads, internal communications, creating a social media policy, analyzing and optimizing performance, and using video to enhance employee advocacy.


“Authentic Marketing in the Age of AI” is a guide for marketers looking to create effective marketing strategies in the era of AI. The book covers topics such as understanding authentic marketing, the impact of AI on marketing, building authentic marketing strategies, engaging customers authentically, measuring the effectiveness of marketing efforts, overcoming challenges, and leveraging AI tools. It provides practical insights and strategies for marketers to stay ahead of the curve and achieve marketing success in the age of AI.


Emanuel enjoys learning his craft and implementing new techniques and theories for his clients, not only in his home state of Nevada but around the world. Emanuel and his hand-selected staff create opportunities while solving challenges in the ever-changing digital landscape. He is a firm believer in using his personal experiences to help others and this dedication continues to impress.


Not to be outdone on the digital battlefields, Emanuel is an avid outdoorsman. He feels connected to the planet wandering the towering forests or absorbing the energy pouring in from the ocean. His childhood fantasy of discovering those special wild places translates to his writings. The freedom and joy in exploring the natural world is a welcome addition to his life.


His award-winning children’s book series, Wenaha Henry The Redtailed Hawk, is the growing result of this newfound passion, and he hopes young readers worldwide will find inspiration and, maybe, a bit of magic of their own.


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